Three Successful Ways Of Dealing With Workplace Violence Prevention

Posted on: 17 September 2017


As an employer, you have an obligation to keep your employees safe in their workplace surrounds. If they are unsafe or they feel unsafe, then production is going to decrease and it can even lead to the fall of your business. To prevent this, you will want to consider and utilize these three successful ways of dealing with workplace violence prevention:

Have Regular, Informational Meetings:

The best way to go about providing regular and informational meetings about workplace violence prevention, you are going to want to break it up by department. Since each department can be dealing with different workplace violence scenarios in a different way from another department, you can make each meeting have specific examples and how to handle them. This is going to make the meetings as informational as possible for everyone in attendance. You will want to go over the employee's rights in their specific work department and provide some type of worksheet that goes over what they can do if they ever feel threatened or have been threatened or violated. When your employees know how to protect themselves in this way, they can feel safer in their workplace, which is the ultimate goal. 

Teach Employees How to Recognize Signs and Triggers:

If your employees are able to recognize triggers or signs of a potentially violent situation, it not only can be prevented, but your employees can react in a way that makes them feel safe. These signs can include erratic behavior, possible signs of drug use, or sudden outbursts of anger. The triggers would include things such as working with money, which can be dangerous, working in seclusion, and working with alcohol serving. It's important to teach these employees who work in these specific situations how to stay safe and there should definitely be specific examples of working in these situations. 

Provide Appropriate Precautions in the Workplace: 

Now that your employee knows what the risks are, you need to go over what precautions are there for your employees in the workplace to prevent these on your end. This is also going to help your employees feel more protected. For example, let your employees know where the cameras and alarms are. You should also let them know how to file a report within the workplace or an assault and what zero-tolerance policies are put in place that will automatically lead to an employee being fired for breaking them. 

When you do these three things on a regular basis for dealing with workplace violence prevention, you can be sure that your employees feel safe in their workplace environment to keep workflow consistent. Contact a company like empirical safety training for more information and assistance.